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Have you been charged with distributing, accessing or producing child pornography? Child pornography charges can include possession (having the images on your computer or mobile device), production (taking photos or filming) and distribution. Texting, emailing, posting can all classify as distribution.

If you are convicted, you may have to serve a lengthy prison sentence. The law is clear that you cannot possess images of persons under the age of 18 if displaying in a sexually intimate position or any sexual act.

David Karp is very experienced at successfully defending clients charged with these crimes. He understands and will explain to you that the prosecution will have to prove:

  • The photo or film is of a person under the age of 18
  • That the photo is actually sexual in nature
  • That you knowingly possessed the images
  • Knowing that the person was under 18

Mr. Karp handles many types of child pornography cases and has experience exposing if the Crown cannot prove these elements. He also knows how to prove when police have not handled an investigation properly and if witnesses are actually reliable.

He is also very familiar with defending young teenagers that have emailed or texted a photo of a boyfriend or girlfriend and not realized that they are in fact breaking the law or the repercussions, these charges could have on their future.

David Karp understands the devastating impact that any type of sexual assault charge can have on you and your family. As part of his comprehensive representation, he offers counsel that can help you deal with the personal and emotional effects of your case.

His goal is always to minimize the consequences you face. Not only will he will work tirelessly to protect your freedom and criminal record, but he will do everything he can to protect your reputation, including working to prevent your name from being entered onto any sexual offender registries and databases.

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Contact David Karp for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation about any type of child pornography case in British Columbia. Mr. Karp handles cases throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and is willing to meet you at a location that is convenient to you. Call David on his private and confidential phone line today at 604-218-0840.

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