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We specialize in defending you against Cocaine and Heroin Charges

heroin1Stiff penalties are often imposed if you are convicted for drug charges related to cocaine or heroin. These charges can significantly impact your life. Whether you are charged with simple possession of these drugs or are accused of trafficking large quantities from another country or from one province to another, having diligent representation to protect your interests is essential.

David Karp is a highly experienced, proactive lawyer based in Vancouver who has a very successful track record in defending individual charged with possession and trafficking of cocaine and heroin. David is an expert at establishing a strong defence from the very beginning. From working hard to get bail for clients, to dissecting every piece of evidence the Crown has against you, he will do everything he can to protect your rights, reputation and freedom.

Mr. Karp is a partner at a respected Vancouver criminal defence firm that handles cases involving drug charges of:

  • Heroin or cocaine possession
  • Possession with intent to sell cocaine or heroin
  • Possession for purposes of trafficking (PPT)
  • Manufacture of heroin or cocaine
  • Production of cocaine or heroin
  • Smuggling
  • Dial-a-dope situations
  • Conspiracy to import, export or sell cocaine or heroin

David Karp understands that being charged with any drug offence related to cocaine or heroin, no matter how little of the substance you are found with, can result is a severe prison sentence because of the no tolerance policy the Crown has towards these types of substances. He puts his full weight and resources behind these cases as well as leveraging his contacts and resources.

From analyzing evidence and how it was obtained to questioning the proof of your actual involvement, Mr. Karp is exhaustive in his approach. He will challenge any information that was arrived at through tactics that may have violated your Charter rights, including illegal search and seizure tactics being used. He understands the seriousness of the circumstances you are facing and will be by your side throughout every step of the case.

Facing Asset Seizure From a Production of Heroin or Cocaine Smuggling Operation Case?

Asset seizure may be related to an ongoing criminal case involving accusations that you are part of a cocaine trafficking or heroin manufacture operation. The Crown may seek to seize your assets in civil court, which is a separate proceeding from a criminal charge.

It is critical that in any attempt to recover seized property, a client’s position regarding any actual or potential criminal charge is not jeopardized because of the tactics or strategies employed in the civil action. David Karp will provide vigorous and skilful representation regarding both the criminal and civil forfeiture action to avoid these problems and make sure you are protected in any legal venue.

Contact David Karp Today!

If you believe you are under police investigation or are about to be charged with a cocaine or heroin drug-related offence, contact David Karp today. Call 604-218-0840 today for a quick response from an experienced and skilled defence lawyer committed to helping protect you in against charges as well as civil forfeiture. During a free and confidential consultation, Mr. Karp can explain your legal options and discuss potential drug defence strategies with you.

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