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Criminal Defense Lawyer, David Karp specializes in Drug Cases

i-conspiracyIn high level drug cases, the charge of conspiracy is often added to the underlying trafficking charges. Regarding a conspiracy charge, the Crown must prove two parts. First, that there was a meeting of the minds and actions to further the criminal enterprise. Second, that a criminal act or acts were carried out as a result of the conspiracy. If Part 1 of the case can be compromised, then Part 2 becomes much weaker to the point where the Crown’s case may collapse altogether.

David Karp is an a criminal defence lawyer with extensive experience in drug trafficking, importation and marijuana grow cases. Mr. Karp attacks every element of the prosecution’s case when defending his clients. He will vigorously defend you at every stage of the legal process, ensuring that your rights are protected.

A Comprehensive Defence Effort

Many high-level drug cases involving conspiracy charges result from lengthy and extensive investigations. Investigators use wiretaps, informants and other undercover techniques to identify people they think are engaged in a drug conspiracy. In terms of defence, there may be many ways to challenge the legality of these techniques. It may also be possible to challenge the validity of the information produced or its relevance regarding particular people alleged to be part of the conspiracy.

If you are charged with conspiracy, David Karp will closely examine every aspect of the evidence against you. Depending on the particular circumstances of the case, it may be possible to question the identities of people heard on wiretaps or referred to in e-mails, and to disassociate you in other ways from the alleged criminal enterprise.

If you have been accused of trafficking in cocaine or heroin or participating in a marijuana grow operation, hire David Karp to defend you today.

Contact David Karp for a free, no-obligation consultation about a conspiracy drug charges, marijuana grow or other high-level drug case. Call David at 604-218-0840 today.

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