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A Vancouver Based Lawyer Specializing in Defending Clients Facing Drug Charges


Drug offences are crimes that the Crown takes seriously and often come with strict penalties even if you are facing your first conviction. It is essential to take action quickly if you are under investigation or have been charged with any type of drug offence. The best step you can take at a time of facing these serious charges is to hire David Karp,an experienced criminal defence lawyer with a successful track record. Mr. Karp is dedicated to protecting your rights, interests, freedom and future.

You can schedule a free consultation with David Karp today. The consultation is confidential and David can discuss your case and legal options with you.

David Karp will also explain his vast experience defending the accused against all types of drug offences, such as:

Are you facing Drug Possession Charges in British Columbia? Hire Lawyer, David Karp who is Committed to Providing a Vigorous Defence Representation

You may be the subject of police investigations long before you are actually charged with a drug offence. David Karp can represent you during this early stage of the process to protect your interests. He will also work to ensure the police or other law enforcement officials do not violate your Charter rights.

David Karp is also a drug trafficking defence lawyer who is here to protect your rights and interests in and out of court if you have been arrested and charged with any type of drug offence. He will seek to challenge the Crown’s case and conduct an exhaustive, independent investigation to uncover the facts and motivations behind the event, which could lead to a dismissal of the charge or another outcome in your favour. You will have confidence and peace of mind, knowing that an experienced defence advocate such as David Karp is working hard to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

Contact David Karp Today – Serving Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and the Surrounding Areas

If you are under police investigation or are facing drug charges, for a quick response from an experienced defence lawyer, contact David Karp by calling 604-218-0840 today. In a free and confidential consultation, Mr. Karp can explain your legal options and discuss potential drug defence strategies with you.

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