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Defending Against Murder Charges

3336handcuffsProsecutors in British Columbia devote considerable resources to homicide cases. If you have been charged with murder, manslaughter or impaired driving causing death, you can expect the many resources of the Crown to be arrayed against you. Faced with this reality, you need a diligent and determined defence effort.

David Karp has extensive experience in cases involving homicide, weapons charges and other violent crimes. As a partner in a leading Vancouver defence firm, he has access to additional resources that can play an important role in your defence. David Karp will work tirelessly to protect your rights and preserve your freedoms.

A Comprehensive Defence Effort

David Karp will organize and direct a comprehensive defence effort designed to obtain the best possible outcome for you. In a murder or manslaughter case, Mr. Karp usually forms a team of experts comprised of one or more forensic evidence specialists, a medical expert, a psychologist and professionals in other disciplines. David Karp and the team will scrutinize the evidence against you, as well as issues involving intent, self-defence and others to build a vigorous defence for you.

Homicide cases are high-profile by nature, drawing the attention of the media and often producing strong emotional reactions in the general public. David Karp is experienced in dealing with the media, and is often interviewed on television regarding his cases or others that are in the news. In addition to defending you on the charge itself, Mr. Karp can help you and your family deal with the stigma that a high-profile criminal charge can bring.

David Karp will work in the courtroom and on every front to build a strong and effective defence for you.

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