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Facing Asset Forfeiture? Call the expert, Lawyer David Karp

The provincial government in British Columbia formed a task force in 2006 with a mission to seize the assets of suspected criminals. This task force consists of teams of police, investigators, tax specialists, forensic accountants and other professionals. These teams are well-trained and well-funded. They do not need proof of criminal activity to seize cash, cars, houses and other property under Civil Forfeiture Act.

To defend your rights and recover your property, you need a lawyer who is skilled in litigation and knowledgeable in the techniques of the province’s civil forfeiture program.

David Karp has extensive experience and a record of success in cases involving high-level drug trafficking, marijuana grow operations, money laundering and other alleged criminal activities. Mr. Karp will work hard to defend your rights and recover your property.

Providing Vigorous and Skilful Representation

Asset forfeiture cases are complex, and provincial and federal civil forfeiture teams are aggressive. As with other challenging criminal cases, the best offence is a great defence. David Karp will thoroughly analyze the facts in your case, and develop a strategy designed to recover your cash and property. When it can help the legal effort, Mr. Karp will call in experts in accounting, taxation and other disciplines who can match the expertise of the government task force. Every effort will be made to show the legitimate origin of the property or to question the government’s theory of the case.

Asset seizure may be related to an ongoing criminal case, though it proceeds on a separate track from a criminal charge. In any attempt to recover seized property, it is important then, not to jeopardize the client’s position regarding any actual or potential criminal charge. David Karp will provide vigorous and skilful representation regarding both the criminal and civil forfeiture action.

Contact David Karp for a free and confidential consultation about a criminal case.

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