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Vancouver Lawyer, David Karp Is An Expert Civil Forfeiture Lawyer

Started in 2006, the British Columbia Civil Forfeiture Program allows the government to confiscate assets obtained through illegal behaviour or used to further an act of wrongdoing. If you have had property seized, you should consult with an experienced lawyer to learn about your options.


David Karp regularly represents clients whose criminal charges have resulted in the government taking their property. As a skilled criminal defence lawyer, Mr. Karp has dealt with asset forfeiture in a variety of contexts. Mr. Karp advocates strongly for the return of seized property.

Common Scenarios That Lead to Civil Forfeiture

Assets can be seized in connection with a variety of crimes, but two of the most common scenarios involve drug crimes and money laundering.

For example, a person charged with operating a marijuana grow operation could have to forfeit very important pieces of property, including his or her house and vehicles. In this situation, you need a lawyer who can defend you against the criminal charges while also working to have the property returned. David Karp has the skill and the experience needed to maximize your chances of success.

Serious motor vehicle offences can also lead to forfeiture of your vehicle. Risky behaviour like drunk driving and street races, which can cause serious injuries or death, often results in seizure of the offender’s vehicle.

Civil forfeiture is a fairly new area of law, so these matters are not necessarily handled by all lawyers. David Karp, however, has dealt with a number of these matters since the Civil Forfeiture Act came in to force and has even been asked to speak on the subject by local media. You can rely on him to thoroughly examine all the circumstances of your case and fight the forfeiture, if possible.

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