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Violent Theft Defence Lawyer

robberHave you been accused of a theft offence where violence is involved? Are you worried about what type of sentence you may be facing for theft charges where other assault charges are involved if you are convicted? Do you need a lawyer who will work hard to minimize the consequences you may be facing? Do you need this help right away?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, David Karp is a theft crimes defence lawyer who is here to help you. Before you make any statements to police or anyone else, contact David Karp today by calling 604-688-8331 to discuss your situation during a free and confidential consultation.

Facing Accusations of Armed Robbery? Experience Matters.

David Karp is violent theft defence lawyer who handles all types of cases, such as:

  • – Armed robbery
  • – Carjacking
  • – Extortion involving threats of violence or fear

David Karp has been a partner at a leading Vancouver criminal defence firm for eight years. Not only does Mr. Karp bring knowledge of the law and keen investigative skills to every case he handles, but his courtroom capabilities and negotiation experience have earned him respect amongst judges, other lawyers and the Crown.

From people accused of bank robberies and other instances of stealing where a weapon or other form of violence is involved, David Karp is a lawyer who always works diligently to obtain the best possible outcome in every theft charges case. This includes exploring possible issues related to self-defence, the strength of witness statements and if evidence collected was obtained properly by law enforcement. He understands what is at stake when violence is a component that may lead to a longer prison term, including a mandatory minimum sentence.

Mr. Karp keeps clients updated as developments occur and is always available to answer questions. He believes in working closely with clients so they can have an active hand in their own defence and making strategic decisions. He strongly believes that working as a team, he and his clients can arrive at the best results.

Contact Us Today!

For a quick response from an experienced defence lawyer, contact David Karp for proactive representation today. Call 604-688-8331. During a free and confidential consultation, Mr. Karp will explain your legal options and discuss potential defence strategies with you.

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