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A Lawyer Who Can Defend You Against Firearms and Weapons Charges

i-weaponsUsing or even simply carrying a weapon can be a criminal offence in itself, or can be used by prosecutors to enhance the seriousness of related criminal charges. In fact, if a weapon is used during the commission of another crime, a conviction carries a four-year mandatory minimum sentence.

If you have been charged with gun crimes or any other type of weapons offence, you need a strong lawyer such as criminal defence lawyer David Karp, who understands these cases. Mr. Karp is experienced (and successful)  in defending clients in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia against a variety of weapons charges, such as:

  • – Illegal possession of a firearm
  • – Felon in possession of a weapon
  • – Armed robbery
  • – Illegal discharge of a firearm
  • – Offences involving automatic weapons

A Thorough Approach to Criminal Defence Against Weapons Charges

David Karp will investigate all the circumstances of your case and use all available methods to protect your rights and freedom. David Karp has succeeded in having weapons charges dismissed based on a number of issues, including:

  • – Illegal search and seizure
  • – Improper search warrants or lack of a search warrant
  • – Lack of knowledge of or control over the weapon

Gun charges are commonly tied to drug trafficking, growing marijuana and other drug charges. It is essential that you have David Karp on your side when dealing with these complex and stressful complex matters.

Although, it can be difficult to obtain bail for weapons charges, David Karp is a proven negotiator who will work hard to get reasonable bail for you so that you do not have to sit in jail for months awaiting trial.

Contact David Karp for a free, no-obligation consultation about your case. Call 604-218-0840 today.

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