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Have you been charged with a Marijuana Grow Op?

i-marijuanagrowoperationsPolice and prosecutors in British Columbia devote considerable resources to securing convictions in marijuana grow operation cases. Their case against you may seem strong, but it could have unseen weaknesses. In this situation, you need David Karp as your defence lawyer as he is experienced in these cases and knows exactly what to look for.

David Karp is a partner in a leading Vancouver criminal defence firm. Over the last few years, Mr. Karp has successfully represented a number of people accused of participation in marijuana grow operations, meth production labs and drug possession for the purpose of trafficking crimes. David Karp works hard to defend his clients’ rights and freedom, and he will seek the best possible result for you.

The Crown Has the Burden of Proof in Drug Crime Cases

The burden is on the Crown to prove the guilt of the accused beyond a reasonable doubt. In a typical marijuana grow case, this means showing that:

  • – The evidence against you was lawfully obtained.
  • – You had knowledge of and control over the operation.

David Karp is a skilled at defending clients against marijuana grow operations charges. He will systematically analyze the factual and legal issues in your drug case when building your defence. Whenever appropriate, he will challenge the legality of the search warrant, seek to exclude evidence that was obtained by unlawful means, and determine if any of your Charter rights were broken. Mr. Karp will carefully analyze any evidence of the link between you and control over the grow operation to see if it may be broken, as well as identifying weaknesses in any related conspiracy charges.

Civil Forfeiture in Marijuana Cases

Sometimes the police seize property and money they believe to be connected to the alleged drug crime in some way. David Karp has handled some of the first civil forfeiture cases in the area. He will apply his knowledge and experience to develop a strategy designed to recover your cash and property.

Contact David Karp

From the moment the police investigations start, your freedom and your future are on the line. Get legal help today from an experienced and determined defence advocate. Contact David Karp for a free, no-obligation consultation about your case. Call 604-218-0840 today.

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