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Vancouver Based Law Firm Specializes in Defending Clients against Drug Possession Charges

i-possessionforpurposesPossession for the purposes of trafficking (PPT) is a very serious charge in Canada. If you are convicted, you face the likelihood of a lengthy prison sentence. You need experienced criminal lawyer, David Karp on your side, working hard to protect your rights and freedoms.

David Karp is an eight-year partner at a leading Vancouver criminal defence firm. Mr. Karp has obtained successful outcomes in a number of recent drug cases, and he always works diligently to obtain the best possible outcome in every case.

To be successful, a drug defence lawyer must have in-depth knowledge of conventional criminal investigations, wiretapping, controlled buys, surveillance, search warrants and other techniques used in drug investigation cases. Armed with that knowledge, an informed and diligent lawyer will often identify weaknesses in the Crown’s case. David Karp is fully versed in these techniques and how to spot critical mistakes made by investigators that could lead to a dismissal or reduction of the charge to a lesser offence.

Assertive Representation to Defend Your Rights and Freedom

David Karp has a strong record of winning his clients release on bail. Whenever possible, he will work to get you released. Besides allowing you to resume your normal life, this can enable you to more fully participate in the preparation of your defence.

During your case, David Karp will assert your Charter rights at every opportunity in order to ensure that potentially damaging evidence is not admitted illegally. If a trial is necessary, Mr. Karp will vigorously defend you every step of the way.

In a trafficking or intent to distribute case, it may be possible to reduce the charge from PPT to one of simple possession.David Karp has helped many clients obtain this result, and he can seek to obtain it for you, if that is possible in your case.

Let David Karp put his experience and knowledge of the law to work for you. Contact David Karp for a free consultation.

Call 604-218-0840 or email David at davidkarp@shaw.ca.

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