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You Refused to Blow for Breathalyzer Test…Now What?

i-refusaltoblowIf you are stopped on suspicion of impaired driving, the police do not have to tell you that you have a Charter right to call a lawyer. They will demand that you provide a breath or blood sample. If you then refuse to blow, you will face a charge of refusing to blow as well as a possible impaired driving or impaired driving over .08 charge.

Each of these charges presents complicated legal and factual issues. If you have been charged with refusal to blow or impaired driving, you need experienced and skilful legal representation.

David Karp has successfully represented a number of clients in cases involving refusal to blow, impaired driving and driving impaired over .08. He has a thorough familiarity with the law and the various defence strategies that may be available in any given case. David Karp will use his knowledge and skills to represent you.

The Reasonable Excuse Defence

The law regarding refusal to blow is restrictive and the penalties are serious, including a 90 day driving prohibition and, upon conviction, suspension of your licence for up to a year.When you are stopped on suspicion of impaired driving, you must have a “reasonable excuse” when refusing to blow into the handheld approved roadside-screening device (ASD) or breathalyzer. This usually involves determining whether you were able to speak with a lawyer after asking to do so. David Karp will closely examine the sequence of events of an alleged refusal to blow and expose any weakness in the Crown’s case.

David Karp will also provide vigorous representation regarding any related impaired driving charge. Whatever the nature of your case, David Karp will work tirelessly to protect your rights and obtain the best outcome possible.

For a free, no-obligation consultation with a Vancouver Breathalyzer refusal lawyer, contact David Karp today.

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