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Criminal Defence Lawyer

Criminal Defence Lawyer, David Karp Defends your Rights!

When you have been charged with a crime, you face the power of the Crown Prosecutor’s Office and all its resources. In this situation, you need someone on your side who will defend your rights and freedoms.

David Karp is a partner in a leading Vancouver criminal defence law firm. Mr. Karp has extensive experience defending clients in all types of criminal matters, ranging from spousal assault and impaired driving to high-level drug trafficking and murder. For vigorous and skilful representation, turn to David Karp.

Drug Crimes

As a skilled Vancouver criminal defence lawyer, Mr. Karp vigorously defends against marijuana grow operation and other drug charges, such as:

He also handles civil forfeiture cases, helping clients accused of a drug offence recover property that was seized during the criminal process.

Violent Crimes Defence

Mr. Karp defends people accused of violent crimes, including:

Motor Vehicle Offences

Do not dismiss motor vehicle offences as minor inconveniences. They can pose real threats on your driving privileges and, depending on the charge, your freedom. Mr. Karp represents clients charged with all types of motor vehicle offences, including:

Other Summary and Indictable Offences

A Lawyer-Client Team

David Karp believes that, as an informed and involved client, you can contribute a great deal to the defence effort. He will work closely with you from the start of your case to its conclusion. At the outset of your case, he will explain the factual and legal issues that will affect the outcome, as well as your legal options. Together you will review the facts and events leading to your arrest as well as police behaviour, any aspect of which may prove vital in obtaining a dismissal, not-guilty verdict or acceptable negotiated plea. As your case moves forward, Mr. Karp will keep you updated with important developments and information.

From the initial police investigation to the arrest and bail hearing, to negotiations and trial, you will have confidence knowing that everything possible is being done to obtain a positive outcome in your case.

Contact David Karp for a free consultation with the best Vancouver criminal defence lawyer in Vancouver. Call 604-218-0840 today.

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