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Vancouver Criminal Defence Lawyer, David Karp Defends Against Theft Crimes

i-fraudidentitytheftDavid Karp, an experienced criminal lawyer, vigorously defends people accused of theft, shoplifting and other property crimes. Mr. Karp understands the stress and uncertainty that an arrest brings. He provides responsive representation designed to obtain the best possible outcome in every case.

Are you facing theft charges? Schedule a free consultation with criminal defence lawyer David Karp today.

Accused of Employee Theft? David Karp is Ready to Protect Your Interests

David Karp defends people accused of:

  • – Theft — summary and indictable offences
  • – Theft from an employer
  • – Embezzlement
  • – Shoplifting
  • – Possession of stolen property
  • – Robbery involving violence
  • – Fraud and identity theft
  • – Other alleged theft crimes

Do Not Wait to Seek Legal Counsel

You may be the subject of police investigations long before you are actually charged with theft. David Karp can represent you during this early stage of the process. He will work to ensure the police do not violate your Charter rights.

Defence of Theft Charges

Every criminal case is unique. As a skilled Vancouver theft defence lawyer, David Karp will examine every aspect of your case to determine the best way forward. This will include a comprehensive review of issues involving intent, the identity of the alleged perpetrator, value of the property and other factors. He will also examine specific evidence such as retail surveillance video and documents and identify any potential weaknesses in the Crown’s case. David Karp will work hard to build a strong and effective defence for you.

Conditional Discharge

Many people, particularly first-time offenders, may be eligible for a conditional sentence, which is time served in the community instead of in prison. In addition, some people may be eligible for a conditional discharge. In this latter circumstance, the theft charge is eventually dismissed and you have no criminal record, provided that you have completed the terms of the program.

David Karp understands the factors the court looks at in granting conditional sentences and conditional discharges, and he has helped many clients obtain them. If you are eligible and want a conditional discharge, Vancouver theft defence lawyer David Karp will work diligently to obtain it for you.

For a quick response from an experienced defence lawyer, contact David Karp. In a free and confidential consultation, Mr. Karp can explain your legal options and discuss potential defence strategies with you. Call 604-218-0840 today.


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