To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing this letter as a reference for my lawyer David L Karp and his expertise in his skills as a lawyer.


David has saved my career and my life as a First Nations man in today’s society. He has shown support and dedication in serving me as a client of Frist Nation descent.

David has been honest and trust worthy as a lawyer. I can not express the amount of gratitude I feel for David and his expertise with my legal issue and I would truly tell me friends, family and Native communities about his legal services that are excellent in representing me as a First Nations man.


David L. Karp I would like to thank you and your assistance in my legal issue and regaining control of my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is having legal issues in their lives.




Patrick Nippi

Saved My Career and My LifePatrick Nippi

Mr David Karp is an extraordinary Lawyer his level of professionalism and experience is something to be greatly appreciated as you cannot buy the level at which he cares. He will go above and beyond for his clients. Winning is what he does best. His fees are extremely fair which is rare in the Legal world. Whenever I call he has answered and made time to chat about my case I have never received this kind of treatment from any other lawyer.

No case is too small or big which is a relief, this firm has been a one stop shop for me. If you want a lawyer that will not play games and be completely straight with you then look no further than Mr. Karp. He will tell you whats up and how he can win, take his advice as he will always steer you in the right direction. Thank you for being an amazing lawyer.

Completely Straight with YouAlyson Bath

David Karp is my lawyer. He treated me as a friend and not a criminal. I had a problem with the law and Karp was one phone call away and within 24 hours I was back home and safe with my family! He also checked up on me and made sure I had no further problems with the Law. He is an amazing lawyer!

Treated like a friend not a CriminalG.K.

Best Lawyer in Vancouver! I have known him for over 20 years and have seen his dedication to his clients first hand and through personal experience as well.

I highly recommend David Karp for anyone looking for a criminal defence lawyer.

Best Lawyer in VancouverMatt Magee

David Karp is a lawyer who really looks after his client. He will really work for you. Level of commitment and he is fair and honest. I would not hesitate to hire This lawyer to anyone. He has reasonable fees and him and his team really go above and beyond

Fair and HonestName Withheld

Dave was professional and did what he said he would do getting the best possible outcome on my matter.

Best Possible OutcomeMichael S

During a very tough time in my life, I can vouch that David Karp was the correct choice to represent me as my lawyer. He kept me comfortable, informed, and was able to successfully relieve me of my wrongfully accused sexual assault charges.

Whilst I felt blind on the processes of law and suffered from anxiety throughout my 2.5-year process, David was constantly available to answer my questions and educate me to remove any confusions and concerns my family or I may have had.

David kept an open mind, considered multiple different approaches, as well my feedback throughout the trial in a “he said, she said” case with minimal to no evidence.

David is an utmost professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking counsel.

Utmost ProfessionalName Withheld

When your child is charged with a crime there are a lot of overwhelming emotions, the most powerful of which is fear. David helped calm our fear with his confidence, competence, and assurances he would do whatever he could to help. David was clear with us on worst-case scenarios and also presented an approach with the best possible outcome as the objective. His billing practice meant we knew exactly what his help would cost upfront with no surprises down the line and no extra costs for consultation throughout the process. The outcome was even better than we could have hoped; a conditional discharge. We cannot imagine going through this situation without David’s expertise and knowledge. He gave us peace of mind through one of the most challenging situations our family has faced.

Peace of MindJ.B.

David Karp is the first and only lawyer I have ever had to work with to settle a legal issue and he is by far the best person for the job.  He thinks from an empathetic mind and he relates to the individual and makes sure that he considers all his clients views and all possible outcomes. When my legal issue came to being in court he made me feel confident and reassured me that everything was going to be okay. I got a conditional discharge but where I was most satisfied was how he made me feel secure and never made me feel scared about a criminal record. If you need a lawyer for your criminal charge, go see David Karp as he is the best lawyer in Vancouver and I will only recommend people who need a lawyer to Mr Karp.

Best Person for the JobName Withheld

Dave Karp saved the day and helped me through a very tough situation. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone who needs expert legal assistance. Thanks Dave!!!

Saved the DayN.G.